Final project: strategies of intervention

In our first unit, you got some experience practicing basic web literacies via fact-checking, researching sites like Snopes, Politifact, and Wikipedia; going upstream for original source material, and assessing credibility by reading sources laterally. Such strategies empower you as a user as you are better able to sort valid information from fake news.

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Economics of post-truth: Clickbait

Front matter

  • Last week we talked about the politics of post-truth and practiced using marginal annotations to pull out a passage and contextualize it. How would you summarize our conversation about Robert-Miller? What does demagoguery have to do with post-truth and/or fake news?
  • Week at a glance: schedule.
  • Open a new document and write down one thing that is lingering from the Daily podcast you listened to for today. This can be a striking detail, question, a response, an objection, a passionate agreement, anything that is sticking with you after the reading. Once you are finished paste it into this document.
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