Move 1: Looking for previous work

Today we will be busy talking about emotional+sharable content and practicing Caulfield’s first move by finding previous facts-checks and Wikipedia notes.


But first, let’s look at the schedule for our conferences for tomorrow: [link to schedule]. Even if you are scheduled for a conference during our class time, you’ll have time to work. Plan to do so independently: either on Fact-check #1, your assigned reading for Monday, or by bettering your WordPress site. If you find the room distracting, you are welcome to move to room 189.

When meeting with me, be ready by having your draft loaded and shared with me on Google Docs. We’ll read through the draft together a few times, looking for opportunities to add edits and comments, ultimately developing a plan for revision. You’ll then develop the draft from Google Docs into your first post on WordPress, which we’ll look at again next week.

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