Collecting sources

Front matter

  • Yesterday we conferenced about your final project proposals. You were to revise them for today. Let’s take a moment to share these in class. Although I will pull up your blog so we can see your revision, take a moment to look at it now and jot down some informal notes about the gist of your project, especially your strategy, examples or cases, and what you’re hoping to learn from it. Then, try to talk about your project without looking at any texts.
  • Today you’ll learn about how to use effective search strategies and be introduced to 2 helpful tools for collecting sources and reading.
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Final project: strategies of intervention

In our first unit, you got some experience practicing basic web literacies via fact-checking, researching sites like Snopes, Politifact, and Wikipedia; going upstream for original source material, and assessing credibility by reading sources laterally. Such strategies empower you as a user as you are better able to sort valid information from fake news.

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